Gradually evolving, linear-building music for either dark, dimensional visuals, or uplifting journeys.


Emotionally epic and inspiring hybrid music that fuels the imagination!


A collection of edgy percussive tension builders – Vol.2 is more musically diverse with string-driven backends, electronic hard-hitting synths and compelling sound-design.


A family adventure collection of inspiring, emotional orchestral cues for those magical and fantastical journeys!


Compelling, cinematic, reflective storytelling – a collection of modern classical influenced style of cues with slow-building, dramatic and emotional backends.


A hard-hitting collection of cutting edge, visionary electronic orchestral hybrid cues that drive the most epic stories.


A thrilling collection of dark, moody, compelling, tense openings, with driving, percussive, explosive backends.


Vol. 2 brings an edgy collection of heavy-hitting, progressive, electronic/orchestral hybrid style cues, emphasizing minimal intros and massive backends.


Minimal, electronic cinematic soundscapes that build into epic, emotional, uplifting, heroic orchestral hybrid backends!


Big, dark, anthemic, futuristic, synth driven orchestral hybrids – NEXUS pushes the envelope just enough to turn heads, but still feel epic and familiar!


Uplifting cinematic, electronic music – expansive instrumental trailer cues that deliver a positive, inspirational message!

TickFUTURE IS NOW (Preludes 2)

A potent collection of futuristic, edgy, compelling synth-driven cues. Perfect for Acts 1 & 2 with explosive, full energy backends that can carry an entire trailer!

Demolition Drms 3DEMOLITION DRUMS 3

Slamming collection of crunchy, aggressive, driving hybrid drums and synths, perfect for action/epic/sci-fi spots!


Our first “Artist Series” release with Victoria de la Vega – a collection of orchestral, traditional/hybrid, emotionally-driven compositions.

HiFi Hits Vol 1HITS VOL. 1

Our greatest hits collection is now available for the public.

Purchase and preview tracks here.

OverturesTick Tock BOOM

Tension builders built around ticking, pulses and sparse rhythmic elements which evolve into big, driving, explosive backends!


A collection of orchestral, traditional, slow-burn front ends with building, driving, energetic backends ranging from sublime to heroic and beyond.

Axiom 3AXIOM 3

Powerful, nuanced, orchestral-electronic hybrids made to drive the most epic trailers.

Bring the SwagBRING THE SWAG

Influenced by contemporary rock artists, these edgy, legit, mid & up-tempo cues are recorded and produced by musicians who are out there on the road and part of the real scene.


Compelling, tense, edgy, moody, haunting openings with explosive backends.


Dark, compelling, electronic soundscapes evolve into driving, aggressive percussive & orchestral backends.

Demolition Drums 2DEMOLITION DRUMS 2

More hard-hitting, high-energy, in-your-face collection of action percussive cues.

Adagios 2ADAGIOS 2

A definitive collection of uplifting, anthemic, epic and emotional cues. Vol 2 diversifies the genre, bringing darker, more brooding material to the Adagios sound.


A collection of electronic tension builders: Edgy, dark, futuristic beds building from minimal intro’s to huge explosive backends.

Axiom 2AXIOM 2

20 intense electronic productions with epic orchestral arrangements. Music that inspires super-heros to save the universe!

Demolition Drums Vol 1DEMOLITION DRUMS 1

Hard-hitting, super edgy, fresh approaches to hybrid action-percussive trailer cues. Attention grabbing and fresh, this album takes the genre to the next level!

Harder Than Nails Vol 2HARDER THAN NAILS VOL 2

Our second installment of guitar driven electronic/orchestral hybrids! Edgy productions, spanning diverse styles from trip-hop-rock, to vocal-driven anthemic songs. Huge orchestral back-end versions of most cues.


Compelling, minimal, slow-building compositions that build expectation and define the mood. Electronic and orchestral-hybrid productions. Used extensively in the “Transcendence” teasers.


Uplifting orchestral electronic tracks that build to a climactic back end. ADAGIOS is Hi-Finesse’s definitive collection of epic and emotionally charged blockbuster anthems.


Hi-Finesse presents a 30 track collection of epic orchestral electronic music. Hard-hitting modern percussive cues that can carry an entire 2 minute trailer! Early uses include the ELYSIUM teaser trailer and PERCY JACKSON 2.


The name says it all—an aggressive collection of rock/electronic/orchestral hybrids. Hi-Finesse’s first major music release – tracks have been featured in over 30 movie campaigns during the past 3 years, including THOR, CAPTAIN AMERICA and LAST AIRBENDER.


Intense, energy-driven percussive action builders! DRUMS OF FURY contains a wide variety of drum cues, along with supporting hits and transitions from each cue separated for SFX-style use.


A collection of piano compositions arranged and composed with trailers/TV spots in mind. From serene and beautiful to haunting and demonic, all with suitable breaks and edit points to allow an editor to get in and out easily.


INVENTIONS is a potent collection of modular, layered, sound effect-style cues designed for Action, Horror, and Futuristic trailers. Organized by theme, each Invention consists of a unique collage of thematic, super-cutting-edge sounds. INVENTIONS is stems on steroids!

Inventions2INVENTIONS 2

Following up on the incredible success of Inventions Vol 1, INVENTIONS 2 presents another 50 highly-usable sound-effect style cues! Focusing on Action and Sci-Fi themes, INVENTIONS 2 features the unique category “Slammers” – high impact one-of-a-kind rhythmic metal sequences.

Inventions3INVENTIONS 3

Yet another collection of flexible, modular SFX sequences, this time focusing on the dark side: horror-themed textures and sinister rhythmic sequences.

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