MARVEL’S THE DEFENDERS – Trailer #1 – Featuring Nirvana’s “Come As You Are” Remix by Eldad Guetta & Marius de Vries.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER – TV Spot #1 – Featuring “Alpha” By Erich Lee.

NOAH – Super Bowl Spot – Featuring “Destiny of Gods” By Joseph Bauer.

THOR: THE DARK WORLD – TV spot – Featuring “Edge of Twilight” By Erich Lee.

MALEFICENT – Teaser – Featuring “ETHOS” and “KRONOS SLAMS” by Erich Lee.

AS ABOVE SO BELOW – Official Trailer #1 – Featuring “Into The Light” By Mike Raznick from :10-:40.

ROBOCOP – Trailer #2 – Featuring “Last Exit” By Erich Lee and “Inventions2_S03 Need More Power” By Joseph Bauer.

TRANSCENDENCE – Teaser Trailer #2 – Featuring “Edge of Twilight” By Erich Lee.

POMPEII – Official Trailer #1 – Featuring “Visionary” By Erich Lee.

ELYSIUM – Trailer #2 – Featuring “LAST EXIT,” “VANQUISH” and “SEVEN” by Erich Lee.

ELYSIUM – Teaser Trailer – Featuring “Radius” By Erich Lee from :10 to 1:10.

ENDER’S GAME – Teaser Trailer – Featuring “Opus” By Erich Lee.

PERCY JACKSON: SEA OF MONSTERS – Trailer – Featuring “Opus” By Erich Lee, from our album AXIOM.

IRON MAN 3 – TV Spot – Featuring “Raucous” By Jez Colin & Mitchell Marlow, from HARDER THAN NAILS VOL.2.

DJANGO UNCHAINED – International Trailer –  Featuring “Badass” By Rez Safinia & Scott Salinas, from our album HARDER THAN NAILS.

TOTAL RECALL – Special TV Teaser – Featuring “Termination” By Joe Bauer & Jez Colin, from AXIOM.

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN – Trailer #2 – Featuring “Disintegrate” By Joe Bauer & Jez Colin, from AXIOM.

WHITE HOUSE DOWN  – Trailer – Featuring “Sonar” by Jez Colin & Joseph Bauer, from AXIOM.

HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET – Trailer #1 – Featuring all music and SFX by Hi-Finesse.

THOR – Teaser Trailer – Featuring “Destructo” By Jez Colin, Jan Pomerans & Rich Friedman, from HARDER THAN NAILS. Music runs from 1:34.

THE AVENGERS – Trailer #2 – Featuring SFX before music and throughout trailer.

PACIFIC RIM – TV Spot #1 – Featuring “Bleeding Heart” & “Demolition Drums” By Joe Bauer & Erich Lee, from INVENTIONS VOL.2.

GHOST RIDER: SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE – Trailer – Featuring “The Wolf” By Jez Colin & Steve Tushar from 1:01.

STOKER – Teaser Trailer – Featuring “Till Death” By  Joe Bauer and Jez Colin from 1:58.


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